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Fall Hockey FAQ's

Below are answers to frequent questions that we get asked.  If you do not find what you are looking for below, please feel free to contact us at West Meadows.

General Questions:

  • Payment Plans:  You can choose to pay in full at registration or select one of the payment plan options. If choosing the 50/50 plan, 50% is due at the time of registration with the balance charged to the credit card on file November 15th.  If choosing the monthly plan, 20% is due at the time of registration with the balance split into six payments, automatically charged to the credit card on file September through February, on the 15th of the month.  A credit card MUST be provided for the 50/50 and monthly payment plans.
  • When can we purchase spirit wear?  The Renegades hold a spirit wear sale at the start of the season.  We will email everyone once the sale begins.
  • Public Skate Pass Discount:  All registered Renegades players receive a 20% discount on individual (for the player only) or family public skate passes.  This discount is good until October 1st and passes can be purchased at the Nelson Sports Complex.  Discount not valid with other discounts or promotions (ex: Early Bird Discount).

6U & 8U (Mites):

  • Do we need to attend all evaluation dates/times? Yes.
  • Which level should I register my child for if he/she is moving up from Pre-Mite?:  Register your child with their age appropriate group.  After evaluations, if our staff feels your child is not ready to skate at that level we will move them into a more skill appropriate level.
  • What is the 6U (Mite Minor)/8U (Mite Major) schedule for fall? Typically, 6U & 8U will each have two practices and one game per week.  Practice will be every Friday evening (6U 6:00pm, 8U 7:00pm) and Monday evening (6U 5:20pm, 8U 6:20pm).  Games will be on Saturdays (6U 12:05pm, 8U 1:00pm).  As registrations are still being processed, this schedule could change depending on the volume of skaters.  Exact schedules will be posted to the Renegades website calendar in late August.
  • Will they receive a jersey/socks?  6U & 8U players wear black Mite jerseys.  These are the same jerseys that skaters receive when they are in Pre-Mites.   If you do not have a black Mite jersey, or if you need a bigger size, let us know.  All players will receive black Mite socks at the start of the season.
  • When does the season end?  The season runs from September to March. 
  • What is Mite Full Ice?  Mite Full Ice is an add on program for 2009 birth year 8U skaters.  This program gives skaters, in their last year of Mite Hockey, the experience of playing full ice games.  Mite Full Ice skaters must still be registered for, and participate in, the 8U program.   Full Ice teams will participate in full ice games, against teams from other hockey organizations.  The Mite Full Ice program is games only (no practices) with games scheduled by the Northwest Hockey League.  Mite Full Ice skaters must be registered with USA Hockey because teams are registered on USA Hockey certified rosters. 

10U through 14U:

  • Can I request a coach?  You can only request that a player not be placed on a team with a specific coach.  Requests to place a player with a specific coach will not be accepted.
  • When do we find out which evaluation day/time to attend? Goalies should attend both evaluation times for their level. Skaters will be emailed their date/time prior to evaluations once all registrations have been processed. If you are only available for one of the evaluation dates you can email us ahead of time and request that date.
  • How many practices/games are there per week?  Typically, 10U through 14U players will have one to two practices and one game per week during the fall/winter season.  Practice days will rotate each week with times being approximately:  10U - 6pm and 7pm,  12U - 7pm and 8pm, 14U 8pm and 9pm.  Practice days are typically scheduled on a rotation to help avoid possible conflicts players may have with other activities on a weekly basis.  Games are usually held on weekends with the schedule being generated by the Northwest Hockey League.  The first few practice dates will be released upon posting of the team rosters after evaluations. The game schedule will be released after the Northwest Hockey League scheduling meeting later in September.
  • Do players receive a jersey/socks?  This season the Renegades are getting new jerseys.  Every player will receive a new home and away jersey, as well as home and away socks. 
  • When does the season end? The season runs September to February with the Northwest Hockey League playoff tournament rounding out the season in March.

17U (High School):

  • My child was born in 2003.  Should we register for 14U or 17U?  17U is for players born 2003 or later who are in high school.  If your child was born in 2003 but is not yet in high school you should register for 14U.
  • Which fee do I pay when registering for 17U?  the 17U Rostered Skater Fee ($350) is for Renegades skaters who are also non-discounted/full time rostered players on a J.V. high school team.  High school age players who are not participating on a J.V. high school team would pay $550.  There is only one goalie fee for 17U Renegades.
  • What will the 17U season include?  The 17U team will have one practice and one game per week.  Games will be either scrimmage style games, with players divided into two teams, or occasionally a game scheduled against a local J.V. high school team.  (Very similar to this past spring season, for those players who participated this spring.)  Players will need to be registered with USA Hockey for the fall season.  The season will last September until March.