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West Meadows Gets New Ice

By Renegades Staff, 05/23/19, 3:15PM CDT


West Meadows Ice Arena is currently closed until June 17th  for ice replacement and general maintenance.

During shut-down, the West Meadows office will be open 10am-4pm, Monday through Friday. 
Normal hours will resume on Monday, June 17th. 

During shut down,  in addition to painting locker rooms and a good cleaning, one of the items on the "to do list" is ice replacement.  Ice is replaced at the rinks about every five years.  

To replace the ice, the refrigeration system is turned off so the ice begins to melt and it can be broken up and removed with equipment. The cement floor is washed and dried.  After a couple of weeks the cement is re-painted white. When the cement surface is ready, water can be added and the re-freezing begins.  The red lines, blue lines and other decals can be put back in (made from plastic mesh pieces that are frozen into the ice). 

Below are some photos from May 20-22 while the ice was being removed.