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2020 Spring Checking Clinic

By Renegades Staff, 02/27/20, 11:00AM CST


What you need to know!

The Renegade approach to checking instruction and education is that of patience, persistence, and individualization.

We understand checking is an intimidating aspect of our sport. However, it is absolutely crucial that all of our players comprehend and properly demonstrate the proper techniques that will be taught.


What you NEED to know:

- Our priority is the safety and wellness of each of our players. Head contact of any sort will not be allowed.

- Both first and second year (entering spring season) bantams are required to attend each of the clinics offered.

- Each clinic will last approximately one hour and twenty minutes.

- Each drill will have both a lecture / explanation portion followed by active participation.

- Each player will be paired with a "checking buddy" whom they will conduct a majority of the drills with. 

- Checking buddies will be paired based on the physical size and bantam level of each player (first year bantams will be paired with other first year bantams).

- Goalies are not required to attend. There will be no shooting at either clinic.

- Please wear the proper protective gear including a neck guard and mouth guard.

- Make sure your skater fuels properly and performs an effective warm-up before getting on the ice. Major muscle groups being worked: neck, shoulders, back, chest.

- Come prepared and be ready to learn! 

See you there!